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Receive SMS Drive engagement with 2 Way SMS

Burst SMS allows you to receive SMS, and automatically process replies and incoming messages through the use of a virtual number. This virtual number is hosted by our platform and linked to your account. In addition to providing your SMS marketing campaigns with a consistent identity, virtual numbers give you the flexibility to be more creative. Start engaging in 2 Way SMS conversations with your clients, or launch interactive marketing campaigns to help strengthen your relationship.

Popular receive SMS uses include:

  • Contests and giveaways
  • Counting votes (Competitions, awards, new products, and etc)
  • Easy opt-in to your contact list or automation cycle
  • Chat (Real-time customer service, group messaging, people management, and etc)
  • Instant feedback and surveying
  • Confirmations (Appointments, reservations, events, deliveries, and etc)
  • Information services

14 day full access, no credit card required.

Product Highlights

  • Keywords


    Process incoming SMS messages based on pre-defined keywords. Each keyword can have it’s own automated rule set.

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  • Forwarding


    Use your virtual number to receive SMS enquiries directly to your email address. Replies made to these received emails can be sent back as SMS.

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  • Applications


    If you are running an application like a reminder service or online CRM, you can receive SMS messages to it via our virtual numbers and URL callbacks.

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  • Online Inbox

    Online Inbox

    Your online inbox is the hub of activity. You can see all inbound and outbound messages and sort them in numerous ways. You can even reply directly.

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  • Automation


    We can automate processes on inbound messages. Things like auto-response messages, reply limiters and reply timers can help you follow up leads.

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  • Add to List

    Add to List

    Every person that texts a virtual number can be added to your marketing list - SPAM compliantly. Our system can do this automatically or through keywords.

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14 day full access, no credit card required.