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Virtual Numbers Receive inbound SMS on your own virtual number

Often referred to as longcodes or response numbers, dedicated virtual numbers are one of the most important elements of business SMS. Dedicated virtual numbers have three primary benefits:

  1. Number Consistency

    When you send an SMS with a dedicated virtual number, you will be sending SMS from a number exclusive to your business. This means that you will have a consistent number that you can use on all your marketing materials.

  2. Number Exclusivity

    This is especially important for sending SMS marketing campaigns. Customers will be able to remember who you are, and have the option of adding your business as a contact. There also won’t be any chance of a potential competitor sending from your number.

  3. Receive Replies

    Since virtual numbers allow you to receive replies, you can now be more creative with what you can do. Design an interactive SMS marketing campaign, and start conversations with your customers. Get valuable feedback faster than before.

In addition to these benefits, virtual numbers can also be further enhanced aesthetically. If you want something easy to remember, Gold Numbers can be an option. An example of a gold number compared to a regular virtual number would look like: 620620620 vs 612518975. Vanity Number are another type of virtual number that can be used to spell something out, for example: 12345BURST.


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Product Highlights

  • Instant Setup

    Instant Setup

    There is no setup time or application process. Simply buy a virtual number online, and choose from our available selection.

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  • No Contracts

    No Contracts

    No need to deal with any commitments. Just use the virtual number for as long as you need. Cancel whenever you want.

    Free Trial
  • Gold or Vanity

    Gold or Vanity

    Add an additional level of professionalism, by choosing a gold or vanity number. Make it easier for your customer to remember who you are.

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  • More Options

    More Options

    With virtual numbers, you have more options with what you can do. Forward your SMS responses to your email, use keywords, or make an API callback.

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  • Process Replies

    Process Replies

    Virtual numbers allow you to receive replies. This means you can setup a response automation, forward messages, and process opt-outs.

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  • No Calls

    No Calls

    Keep in mind, virtual numbers cannot be called. They are connected to a computer system, and not a phone system. A disconnected message will be heard when called.

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14 day full access, no credit card required.