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SMS Automation Create complex sets of automated text messages

The key to making your business more efficient, is automation. Use our SMS automation tool - the Sequencer, to schedule multiple reminders or repeating sequences of events.The Sequencer can be activated by adding lists, keywords, forms, or API callbacks. It can also be triggered manually.

Special Features

The Sequencer uses a separate natural UI interface, making it easy to manage your sequences. This new interface allows you to intuitively create schedules, process replies and delivery reports and trigger further sequences based on those responses.

For a quick summary of what the Sequencer offers, scroll down to our service features section below.


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Product Highlights

  • Natural UI

    Natural UI

    Our user interface uses natural language selectors to make it easy to understand the sequences of events.

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  • Reporting


    Easily see queued and delivered messages from your sequences.

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  • Personalisation


    Use custom fields to fully personalise messages with custom data such as names, dates, URL's.

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  • Reply Processing

    Reply Processing

    Receive replies and create further automated actions based on those replies.

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  • Trigger Forms

    Trigger Forms

    Trigger sequences by creating a web form. You can set custom data, dates, or personalised information.

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  • List Trigger

    List Trigger

    Trigger SMS reminders directly from your Burst SMS list. Perfect for birthday or anniversary reminders.

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