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Bulk SMS Gateway Send and confirm thousands of messages

We are Australian based, and run multiple high speed connections to all our suppliers. This allows our bulk SMS gateway to send thousands of messages per minute. Fully transparent delivery reports are also available on all Burst SMS accounts, allowing you to see all handset delivery confirmations and bounces close to real-time. Access our bulk SMS gateway directly with our SMS API or use the online SMS Campaign Manager.

Bulk SMS Delivery Share

In Australia, there are four main carriers that we deal with: Telstra, Virgin Mobile, Optus, and Vodafone. Here’s a breakdown of how your bulk SMS gets delivered:

  • 42.9% - Telstra
  • 29.3% - Optus
  • 23.7% - Vodafone
  • 4.1% - Virgin Mobile

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Product Highlights

  • Performance


    Through our highly advanced load balancing queue prioritisation, we can ensure the fastest possible delivery for your bulk SMS.

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  • Prioritisation


    We have dedicated channels set in place for large bulk SMS campaigns. Once volume is detected, messages will be automatically diverted.

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  • Quality


    Only quality Tier 1 suppliers with ISO 27001 and 9001 certifications are selected for our bulk SMS Gateway. Your messages will be sent securely.

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  • Monitoring


    Our bulk SMS gateway connections are under 24hr surveillance, with monitoring systems to ensure an optimum delivery status.

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  • Reliability


    We run enterprise level server applications, which partner with the most reliable names in the business to help operate our SMS gateway with minimal down time.

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  • Rest SMS API

    Rest SMS API

    On the development side, we offer a flexible and power set of SMS API’s to enable you to add text messaging to all your applications.

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