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SMS API Fast, secure, and easy integrations

Try our flexible SMS API suite, which enables developers to send and receive SMS from the application of their choice. Our callback systems allow you to receive inbound messages along with delivery reports. Create lists, lease numbers, set up keywords, and schedule messages. You don't have to worry about shared resources either, since our SMS API servers are dedicated. SMS API servers do not share resources with the bulk SMS gateway, thus allowing text messages and responses to be sent quickly and reliably. Fully documented libraries are available for PHP, Ruby, and .NET.

If you are looking for quick integrations, we are connected with applications such as MailChimp, Infusionsoft, Campaign Monitor, Woocommerce, and Zapier. Click here to view our current list of active SMS integrations.


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Documentation & Connectivity

SMS API Documentation

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Ruby SMS API Client

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SMS Integrations

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Product Highlights

  • Integrations


    Our SMS API is designed to easily integrate into any communication process. Plug in our API, by following our step-by-step documentation. If you get stuck, then submit a ticket or send us a live chat message.

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  • Security


    To ensure total security and privacy, the SMS API only works over an HTTPS protocol for all requests. All API requests require your API credentials, you will find them once logged into your Account on the API settings page.

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  • Call Backs

    Call Backs

    The best way to get immediate notification on the events like SMS delivery or incoming messages is to set up callback URLs. We will call this URL immediately after the event occurs and, if the call was unsuccessful, we will retry a few times later.

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  • DLR’s


    DLR's are Delivery Level Receipts, which are notifications received from carriers relating to the success or attempted SMS Delivery. Rather than having to poll for a message status, we will deliver DLR’s to your call back URL when we get them.

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  • Virtual Numbers

    Virtual Numbers

    Numbers are the Caller ID, or from field that your messages will come from. Although not mandatory for SMS API use, we recommend users to lease their own Dedicated Virtual Number to send and receive messages through the API.

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  • Throttle Limits

    Throttle Limits

    To provide the best service to all our customers, we limit the number of SMS API calls which can be made by each account to 2 calls per sec. For heavy users we can increase your throttling speed. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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