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Email to SMS Send and receive SMS through email

We believe that text messaging and email are complementary services, which can work together to make each other more efficient. This is especially true for businesses which have to deal with frequent conversational threads and client enquiries.

Using email to SMS is easy, you won't need to learn how to use another email provider either. To make your workflow more efficient, you can continue to use the email provider of your choice. Most clients prefer having all SMS replies forwarded directly to their main business email.

Sending an SMS using our email to SMS service is designed to feel natural. When composing an email, all you need to do is make a couple of small adjustments. Start off by placing the phone number that you want to reach followed by @transmitsms.com inside the “To” section of your new email. For example if the number is 123456, then you would place 123456@transmitsms.com.

The second step would be to decide whether or not you want to override the caller ID. To keep your original caller ID, leave the subject line blank. Now type in your email as usual, and once you press send, your client will receive an SMS version of the email. When your client replies back, a conversation thread will start to build in your email inbox. This makes it easy for you to search for past conversations.


14 day full access, no credit card required.

Product Highlights

  • 2 Way SMS

    2 Way SMS

    Once you start chatting via email, every response will be stored inside your inbox. Since all your replies will be in the same thread, it makes it easy for you to keep track of all your client conversations.

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  • Delivery Reports

    Delivery Reports

    You have the option to receive delivery reports as well. Find out if your client is out of range, has their number disconnected, or if your messsage was delayed due to a phone being turned off.

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  • Receive SMS

    Receive SMS

    If you have a virtual number, you can receive and respond to SMS enquiries directly through email.

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  • Ease of Use

    Ease of Use

    There's no need to learn anything new. Just use the email provider of your choice. You can also send to multiple recipients, and then reply back to each response individually as well.

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  • Security


    Only authorised emails can send to your contacts. You can set as many different authorisations inside your Burst SMS email panel, along setting character limits allowed per text message.

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  • X-Header


    If you are a developer or have a CRM that supports Email to SMS, you will like our X-Header support. This allows you to send all your messages to a single email address, and set recipient/message parameters in the body of the email.

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14 day full access, no credit card required.