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Quick SMS Bookmarklet The easiest way to send appointment reminders

Send appointment reminders easily with the Quick SMS Bookmarklet. Access the Quick SMS tab when you login to your Burst SMS account, or save Quick SMS as a bookmark in your browser toolbar. Once the bookmark is set, you will be able to send campaigns with less clicks, and without logging in. The Quick SMS function is also still packed with our most popular features such as: SMS reminders, message scheduling, templates, and favourite contact lists.

We recommend using the Quick SMS Bookmarklet to help streamline your SMS reminder and appointment confirmations.

SMS Reminders

14 day full access, no credit card required.

Product Highlights

  • Drag and Drop

    Drag and Drop

    Installing the Quick SMS Bookmarklet is easy. Once logged in to your account, drag the Quick SMS button into your browser bookmark bar. Click the new Quick SMS button to open.

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  • No Login

    No Login

    Once the Quick SMS Bookmarklet is installed, you do not need to be logged into your Burst SMS account anymore. You can access Quick SMS on any page outside of Burst.

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  • Confirm Replies

    Confirm Replies

    You have the option of receiving replies to your email with Quick SMS. If the option is chosen, you can reply to texts via email, and have your replies sent back as texts.

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  • Templates


    Save time by saving your past messages as templates. You can save as many templates as you want, and have the option to use them at any time to help speed up your campaigns.

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  • Reminders


    You can setup your reminders on a schedule. This way as you book the appointments, you can enter the reminder immediately, and set it to trigger at a set time in the future.

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  • Favourites


    After you send a message to a client, the app will give you the option to add it to your favourites list. This will make it easy to multi-select in the future. You can also upload an existing client list to get going.

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14 day full access, no credit card required.