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Zapier SMS Integrations Integrate with 500+ apps within seconds

Integrations have never been easier for Burst SMS clients. Pick the application of your choice in our Zapier SMS integration, which you can access by clicking here - and then press the Use this Zap button. That’s how quick and easy it is. Save the headache of troubleshooting, and spending extra development hours needed to complete a custom integration by using Zapier. Currently, our most popular Zapier SMS integrations include: PayPal, Twitter, MailChimp, Outlook, Google Calendar, HubSpot, Campaign Monitor, and HipChat.

If you don’t see the application that you need an integration for in Zapier, then let us know. If there is enough demand for it, we will add it. Request a new Zapier integration by - clicking here. You can also check our quick integration list by clicking here.

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Popular Zapier Integrations

Google Calendar

No need to worry if you have a packed calendar. Just set a SMS reminder for all your events.

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Google Sheets

Set up messages in Google Sheets. Send texts through Burst SMS by using Google Sheet rows.

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Automatically add your new MailChimp contacts to any Burst SMS list.

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Stay on top of your Ecommerce transactions by receiving PayPal sale alerts via SMS.

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Forward SMS messages received by your Burst SMS inbox to a Slack channel.

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Set an SMS alert whenever you receive a new Twitter mention or new follower.

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