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SMS Alerts & Notifications

When they need to know now. No matter where they are!

Text messages are the channel of choice for critical messaging for several reasons. 1. No internet connection required. 2. Receipt is instantaneous to available handsets. 3. The instinct for people when they receive a message is to read it immediately. If you need to know when it happens, SMS alerts are the way to go.

14 day full access, no credit card required.

Let them know now!

When the stockmarket moves, Motley Fool lets its members know.

Traders want to know in seconds when a stock is moving. The fastest way is with a text message. When trade alerts happen the Motley Fool website talks to our SMS gateway via our API.

Motley Fool screenshot

Find out before your clients do.

Don’t you hate it when the first you here about an issue with your site is from an irate client? Have your application text you as soon as there is a problem, giving you time to act.

14 day full access, no credit card required.