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Managed MMS Marketing Services Send images, gifs, videos, or sounds files via MMS

Managed MMS Marketing services are now available. MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service, which means it allows you to send more visual and interactive text messages. Through MMS you can send images, videos, or sounds containing a preview visual which displays without having to click through. You can also send animated .gifs, displaying motion within the message without having to click through.

What is the structure of an MMS?

  • Subject Line: 20 characters max
  • Creative: Image, gif, video, or sound file
  • Message Copy: 1,000 characters max

Who designs the creative?

You are generally required to produce your own MMS creative. If you do not have access to design resources and require custom creatives, we can provide quotes for you.

What is included in this managed service?

  • File size reduction for your MMS marketing creative
  • Hosting for your creative
  • Message creation + test MMS send
  • Contact list cleaning and uploading
  • Bulk MMS send

Contact us to enquire about this service.

Product Highlights

  • File Reduction

    File Reduction

    MMS pricing is directly related to your file size. We can advise on your creative to get it to the optimal send size.

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  • Hosting


    Once you send over your creative, we will handle the rest. We will host your creative, so you don’t have to worry about seeing the dreaded X.

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  • File Formats

    File Formats

    Recommended MMS file formats are: .jpg, .wmv, .gif, and .mp3

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  • Thruput


    Your MMS will send at a rate of max 30,000 MMS per hour, or 500 per minute.

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  • Testing


    All MMS marketing campaigns come with a test series to ensure you are happy with the delivery result before sending the full campaign.

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  • Reporting


    Campaign reports are provided giving valuable data on campaign performance, plus opt outs for Spam compliance.

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